Mental Health Care

Mental health is for all. The next question that arises is that, are mental health services for all?

The dearth of mental health services around us is undeniable. And amidst these limited services, accessing it becomes a major obstacle.

We serve to bridge this gap in many ways. We currently provide psychiatric consultations, psychotherapy, and counselling from our Out-Patient Department at Khadija National Hospital in Daryaganj. Through our OPD, help-seeking has been easier for people with mental health concerns, especially those who hail from low-income communities in Purani Dilli.

Apart from physical access, we are also mindful of the accessibility of approach. Our team is always mindful of using inclusive, approachable, and non-intimidating ways of relating to our clients such as language. This aids us in de-mystifying ideas around mental health and therapy.

The cost of services greatly determine who can access it. Our mission is to bring down the high cost of psychiatric consultations and psychotherapy.